Pursuing Hard His Heart 

I CAN’T BELIEVE the price you have paid for me, I can’t believe you choose someone like me, You came and lived among mankind, dead on the cross and paid the price in Full for someone like me.. Destroyed the temple to make me Your temple..All the Glory to You alone..

Then I forgot, How Worthy You are? Instead deviated from what is righteous to pursuing the lifetime cycle of this earthly race.. And forgot Your Holy race and heavenly prize. I took cover and tried to take control (forgot that You’re always in control in what’s in control) and kept pushing and pushing pursing more and more and mistakenly believing that the things from this world are more worthy; Dehumanized my heart and neglected Your identity and mine in the process, lost sight of what my purpose is and what I was created to do. And..Looked around me to find out that we “mankind” keep on Pursing the shadows of this deceptive world from the day we are born into it until we turn 80 years old or older .. (Rather than pursing our everlasting eternity).. And when time comes, we immerse back into what we were made out of  “Dust” and our body will turn from full of life to nothing more than desolated, our Spirit sacredly will  depart its fleshly host to be immersed with the One and only Life leaving behind the house, the cars and all the cash. Then alone we stand in His Holy  presence face to face waiting for Him to say either “Depart from me I never knew you OR Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Preserve me my LORD, apart from You I have No Life; for Your mercy reigns, Only LORD of all the hosts forever, You alone!