It has been two years since my wife and I have started doing Altar Ministry at our Family Church The Freedom Center and it has been very inspiring, deeply fulfilling and many times heartbreaking and transforming to us more so than the people we minister to, making us closer to the Father, making us wiser, stronger in our Faith and better in knowing who God is and what we are commanded to do ..we are getting re-molded from the inside out in the process.. truth!!

Today, was another amazing and blessed day for my wife and I; as we got to meet Eric he is from Africa very nice person. Eric, was looking for us to encourage him through true prayers sharing the Word of the Father with him asking for Stronger Faith & Doubtless Trust in the Father. Eric still is very concern and hurt for his people back in his home country and wants to make a difference by inviting more people to come and know Jesus. He knows, it all starts with him by strengthen his relationship with the Father first. We prayed together asking for this stronger and deeper Faith and Trust in the Lord, and for better relationship with both fathers, his supernatural heavenly Father and his natural father back home in Africa. Also, we prayed for mercy and blessings for his uncle’s soul who just passed away and for the entire family to find peace and comfort dealing with the feelings of his departure. 

Jacob Albrecht – joined us today, he always is an amazing and inspiring to all of us Thank you! He is a young man who is full of the Holy Spirit; the Lord has a great ministry line up for him, he will be used to change nations. We pray that he will keep on pursuing hard His heart..for the Lord is with him.

We have seen and witnessed testimonies, many answered prayers and profound miracles, through the lives of the people who we have been able to ministry to we are truly blessed to be there to have them share and open their hearts with us, cry with us, laugh and pray with us and worship the Father with us giving Him the highest praises. What a blessing to be all ears to hear, restoring hope and living life together.

This ministry is so honoring and glorifying to the One and only who is worthy “Jesus” which always is in the center and is the reason of it All. For as the Father tells us it is more blessing to give than to receive and life is much more stable and powerful whenever we stand on the ROCK of our everlasting God, our Yahweh who is forever the same, always near asking all of us for much Stronger Faith & Doubtless Trust.

Acts 20:35 (ESV)  “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”


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