Highest Praise

Was feeling unworthy, unqualified and undeserved, isolated within the walls of my own deep spiritual dryness. Now, I am very blessed to be blessed by the One and only who is worthy of my constant worship, who restored and renewed me – the One who was before Genesis and will be after end of revelation – His name is Jesus.

What a long night last night was; the anticipation and the waiting for the daylight to breakthrough declaring that it is officially Sunday November 27, 2016. The truth is, about 10 years ago I was dechurched running away from facing the undeniable facts that we are created by the creator for the creator’s fellowship, pleasure, worship and most of all to have a Father Children relationship. I was rushing away from my reality drifted and so terrified from facing life itself after all the bad hurts, the deep disappointments, the back stabbing and extreme hardships; I was literally running away from God, but today I know He made me whole and new; and as of the last 4 years I have been running toward Him instead pursuing hard His heart..

Today, I was blessed by His grace and will never be the same, I was forever changed. It was Baptism Sunday at my Family Church The Freedom Center and as part of my ministry credentials requirements I must undergo 6-12 months internship; and must have a Senior Pastor sponsor and mentor me, Pastor Jim Wiegand accepted (the challenge) to be the one who will walk me through this amazing and humble journey. Today, he allowed me to baptize a few people from the congregation and so it was, it is by far like nothing else to have the honor to immerse people and baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. What an honor and awesome privilege to give Him the Highest Praise and to declare not all rather the highest glory for His glory.

So Thankful and overwhelmed for the transformation the Father has made so far in my life, He has chosen someone like me to give Him the highest praise..cover us LORD of hosts and preserve us ever be our God , our Guards and Guide, until we meet.



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