Not Always Smooth Pavent

Broke my heart to see so many of these on the side of the roads. To all who is heavy hearted out there – it is heavy life agree but using all of these fake drugs to hide and mask the pains, hurts and disappointments is not more than an escape to nowhere. 

Physically didn’t feel good running this morning, but spiritually felt good and awakening. Holy Spirit this morning Has showed me that our journey will not always be like running on a smooth pavement, sometimes God commands us to move aside and run on rough gravel and through nasty mud puddles to let danger pass us by, then go back on track much stronger, much matured and steadily prepared to the challenges that lies ahead.

Believe, have Faith rooted in repentance, obey and trust, and walk the talk and do not is always a choice, isn’t it?

Thank You Jesus.


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