Stay Constantly Connected 

God created us in His Image in order to STAY IN CONSTANT, current Relationship with Him, FILLED with the Holy Spirit. NOT to IMPRESS HUMANITY!!, rather to be like Him in the process and prepare as many as possible to be COMPLETE in Jesus Christ before meeting Him!

Or we can live life denying God’s existence and go on living self-centered life ignoring that God even exists and everything maybe will be great. Or we can choose God’s-centered life and everything will be even greater..

Yes, it is a choice millions get to make
Yes, it is a risk millions humbly willing to take!
Yes, it is that simple to understand like His commandments but hard to implement, unless for some everything is at stake..

What about the millions of Christians who are fighting daily defending their faith and millions don’t even offer them a simple handshake!

What choice do they have and what risk are they willing to take?!



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