God vs. Allah!!

The name “Allah” which what Muslims use to call on their god, also this Arabic name is well used by Arab Christians worldwide. 

It is a custom based practice more than doctrine or language issue, it comes from the Muslim culture influence and its dominate Quran teachings and preachings in the Arabic Language more or less. However, Arab Christians still have the choice to call our Father “Rabb” Dad, Lord, God..which another Arabic name of God that Muslims and Quran do not use to describe Allah.    
Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God, the Son and the father (The Trinity) nor do they believe that He was the One who truly was crucified “but it was a lookalike, which Allah provided in Jesus’s place”.  One major issue here is that Muslims believe and claim that the Bible is not a scared book and is not the inspired and breathed words of God to the Christian family, including all tribes, tongues, and nations, rather it is just a book of fairytales and history of mankind which does not dare to mention the old western Christians crusades..

It is very clearly that the Muslim “Allah” is not the same Christian “Rabb”. Even though sometimes both Muslims and Arab Christians use “Allah” to call on their Gods, It is totally different deity. Since we can’t separate the three Godhead, and Muslims do not to believe in this Three Trinity so the answer becomes very clear. 
According to the Quran the story started when Muhammed was sleeping inside a cave and the “Angel Gabriel” (same Angel who God had assigned to bring the news of the coming of the Christ, the Messiah) came down and gave him his prophecy even though he was illiterate he was able to memories Sūrat al-Fātiḥah (Arabic: سُّورَةُ الفَاتِحَة ) which is the first chapter (Surah) of the Quran which contains seven verses (ayats). Then the story of Islam had began..

I have respect to everyone’s belief system and do not rebuke anyone; it is a blessing to be able to discuss and exchange knowledge, views back and forth in regards to different Religions and theologies something Muslim Radicals won’t accept and radically attack and kill.

In “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?” Al Mohler, the President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says “Evangelical Christians understand that, theologically, there is a genetic link between Judaism and Christianity. That is why Christians must always be humbled by the fact that we have been grafted onto the promises first made to Israel. In terms of both history and theology, there is no genetic link between Christianity and Islam. The Qur’an claims that to confess Jesus Christ as the divine Son and the second person of the Trinity is to commit blasphemy against Allah.

Hard times come with hard questions, and our cultural context exerts enormous pressure on Christians to affirm common ground at the expense of theological differences. But the cost of getting this question wrong is the loss of the Gospel. Christians affirm the image of God in every single human being and we must obey Christ as we love all people everywhere as our neighbor. Love of neighbor also demands that we tell our neighbor the truth concerning Christ as the only way to truly know the Father.

We must also understand that the most basic issue is the one Jesus answered with absolute clarity. One cannot deny the Son and truly worship the Father. There is no question that the Muslim is our neighbor, but there is no way to remain faithful to Scripture and the gospel and then claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.” 

I personally believe by us applying the “Great Commission” sharing the Gospel and daily staying tuned in with God’s ways of living allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work by touching their hearts and convincing them of what the truth is! Be Jesus’s light always and beliving that ONLY through our FAITH in (Jesus) as our Savoir we can receive salvation not through Allah!

It is happening now more than ever! Many Muslims are converting, They have had it with their cherry picking radical movements. They are learning the difference more and more everyday! 

Thanks be to God


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