Losing it, justifies every proposed action, away from the Father’s blueprint of life “The Bible”. Which leads to self death through self distraction.

Now Imagine (RELIGIOUS GROUPS) OR better yet (NATIONS & LEADERS) losing their true

(Ignoring their History including their ancestors’ sacrifices, the homelands where they originally came from, their principles, what they stand for, what they ought to fight for and their nation’s future!)

And this is my take on our present world’s situation, should anyone dare to agree to ignore it…a wise person can’t deny the fact that all this present chaos is based on utilizing (Religious Terrorism) to achieve (Political Objectives!!) and ultimately dominate the distribution of world powers.

My question is simple but hard to apply, for how long would we be willingly willing to allow mainstream media to brain wash our brains?!! The truth is just one search engine away!


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