The Creation 

The creation this is us Mankind – who our flesh was made from dust and to dust it we will return, a cruse will not be finished until God’s Kingdom come and His incredible plan for our redemption is done.

Still we do not care to capture a glimpse of His glory, the Creator who created us from dust! Believing that we do not have to have any sense of liability and responsibility towards each other, we deny that our mankind was given a second chance over and over too many times and that through the Ark we were saved once and through the Grace of God we were given a breath of life to grow and multiply again and subdue the earth!

Yet! we stand still in ah filled with our human boasting looking up starring and watching His sky, His moon, His stars and His outer universe and still can’t and won’t grasp or confess vocally who is truly in charge here, the created or the Creator. And we fight and we battle and still confused as to who this earth and all its goods belong to, we continue the search, we further the hunt, with our eyes blindfolded to the path of salivation and His written ways of sanctification and we make fun of the story of His coming Kingdom, lost still, in our dead hearts still, always looking for and longing to meeting the King of kings and the Lord of all lords, the Healer of all our temptations.
Standing still, with weak hearts we worry about the food of the body and our self image, distracted, deceived and persuaded to follow the materialistic goals of the enemy, we follow the path to the preset trap for us so we can stay distant from fulfilling our God’s desires for us and our created destiny. Only, when we realize that we are just one tiny pixel in His picture of life and one tiny spot of dust on this earth, we will be able to see and believe that we are created to be part of the whole world and to complete it through our relationship with Him our  Creator and all the creations around us no one is left captive, rather each one of us was designed to be free to live, free to fulfill the designed purpose as it was written from the beginning of our creation. 
Is it truly all about just surviving and making it no matter what the cost is until the story is finished! It is our cruse to be finished sooner than our limited mind can fathom the story of our creation, until then our merciful Creator who is watching looking straight down from the sky above, will stay deeply concern wondering what are we doing? And why we are inviting the enemy into our homes daily and holding His Holy Spirit captive by the front door.
And now one must worship and acknowledge the third member of the God’s trinity, the most powerful, the almighty, the most wise and wonderful, the most Kind and the most shy the “Holy Spirit” who has been hovering over the earth even before the day of creation, the helper who by words not crafted by hands made it all possible for us to even have a chance not to be but also to survive. 

When we truly wonder where our true HOME is, and seek to find the true end to our unfinished story. The answers were written by the Spirit inspiring the 40 human authors and breathed out right from the mouth of our Almighty God in His Holy Book, it was written in the Book of Genesis that the creation began, and it was written in the book of Revalation that one day it will all end and our story will be finished.

My true HOME is no other place but in the presence of my Almighty Creator, surrendering and accepting that I am simply the created, in His image and His likeness, created by Him to bring joy and fulfill His good desires.


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